Euphoria Cube 150 Head shower 1 spray

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Shower enjoyment, squared – the chic, perfectly square GROHE Euphoria Cube 150 shower head makes a real statement

Looking for a perfectly square showerhead for your contemporary bathroom scheme? The GROHE Euphoria Cube 150 shower head offers great features and crisp, Cubist styling. This chic head shower will indulge you with the relaxing Rain Spray pattern while GROHE DreamSpray technology keeps the flow from every nozzle comfortably consistent. You also save water and money - while not compromising performance - with the GROHE EcoJoy 9.5l/min flow limiter. It’s easy to clean too thanks to SpeedClean nozzles that brush free of limescale with your finger. Long-lasting and sparkling, the GROHE StarLight chrome finish enhances the whole shower system. A super-insulated Inner WaterGuide keeps the surface from getting too hot, stopping the risk of scalding as well as extending the life of the chrome finish.

  • spray pattern:
  • Chức năng phun mưa
  • maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 8 l/min
  • 152 x 152 mm
  • ball-joint
  • rotation angle ± 12°
  • Ren nối 1/2”
  • Công nghệ GROHE EcoJoy tiết kiệm nước và đảm bảo lưu lượng hoàn hảo
  • Chế độ phun hoàn hảo GROHE DreamSpray
  • Bề mặt Chrome GROHE Long-Life
  • Hệ thống chống cặn vôi SpeedClean
  • Công nghệ Inner WaterGuide tăng tuổi thọ vòi sen
  • Phù hợp với bình nước nóng trực tiếp

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1 Fibre seal dia. 12x2 mm 0138900M
2 Dirt strainer 0676800M