Uniset for urinal

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  • with roughing-in set for Tectron Skate and Tectron Surf
  • sound-insulating EPS module for masonry-in with closed surface
  • rail adaptors for modular fixing
  • for single or series installation
  • fixing accessories for single installation
  • height adjustable fitting connections
  • inlet connection and inlet connecting set
  • HT-outlet bend DN 50
  • threaded bolts M8
  • fixing material for urinal bowl
  • box for concealed installation including roughing-in box
  • water group with stop valve and flush elbow
  • without Tectron electronic, 230 V AC or battery supply
  • without support feet

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Phụ kiện lắp đặt

Vị trí Mô tả sản phẩm Số đơn hàng
1 Inlet connecting set 37044000
2 Threaded bolt 43078000
3 Fastening set 4307500M
4 Flush elbow 2" 42943000
4.1 holder 42236000