Power&Soul Cosmopolitan System 190 Shower system with thermostat for wall mounting

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This product will be discontinued soon

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Pamper yourself with 4 spray options – the Power&Soul Cosmopolitan 190 shower system

If for you a shower is all about pampering and spending some time on your wellbeing then the GROHE Power&Soul Cosmopolitan 190 shower system with thermostat offers all the luxury and variety you need. The one-click spray selector lets you choose and combine the 4 different spray patterns for total flexibility: there’s a gentle Rain Spray, air-infused Rain O², a powerful Jet spray and the pulsing Bokoma Spray. Thanks to GROHE DreamSpray technology you can be certain of an even flow from every nozzle, while the GROHE TurboStat thermostat ensures a constant temperature throughout. Families will love two great safety features – the GROHE SafeStop button which can limit the temperature to 38°C to prevent scalding and GROHE CoolTouch technology which means the tap never gets too hot to touch. Plus the dazzling GROHE Starlight stainless steel finish is scratch-resistant for a sparkling surface that last for years.

  • Bao gồm:
  • Tay sen nằm ngang quay được, Vòi xả dài 450 mm
  • exposed thermostat with Aquadimmer function
  • Cho phép thay đổi giữa:
  • Power&Soul Cosmopolitan head shower (27 764 000)
  • Kèm theo mối nối bi
  • rotation angle ± 20°
  • hand shower Power&Soul Cosmopolitan 115 (27 660 000)
  • adjustable in height with gliding element (12 140 000)
  • Dây sen Silverflex dài 1750 mm (28 388 000)
  • Lưu lượng nước tối thiểu là 7 lít/phút.
  • Lõi van chắc chắn GROHE TurboStat kèm cảm biến nhiệt
  • GROHE One-click showering Spray selection via push of a button
  • Chế độ phun hoàn hảo GROHE DreamSpray
  • Bề mặt Chrome GROHE Long-Life
  • Công nghệ GROHE CoolTouch tránh nguy cơ gây bỏng
  • Hệ thống chống cặn vôi SpeedClean
  • Phù hợp với bình nước nóng trực tiếp từ 18 kW/giờ 

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Phụ kiện lắp đặt

Vị trí Mô tả sản phẩm Số đơn hàng
* Phụ kiện đặc biệt
1 Aquadimmer handle 47804000
2 Temperature limiter 47723000
3 Aquadimmer 47364000
4 Water flow 47887000
5 Handle 47803000
6 Fitting ring 47743000
7 Thermostatic compact cartridge 1/2" 47439000
8 Non-return valve 47189000
8.1 Dirt Strainer 0726400M
8.2 Non-return valve 08565000
8.3 O-ring ø17 x ø2 0305500M
9 S-union 12693000
10 Non-return valve 08565000
11 Sliding piece 12140000
12 Dirt strainer 0700200M
13 Fibre seal dia. 12x2 mm 0138900M
14 Dirt strainer 0676800M
15 Compensation disc 27180000*
16 Socket spanner 19332000*
17 GROHE TurboStat cartridge 1/2" 47175000*
18 Scale handle 47811000*
19 Special spanner 19377000*
20 Shower system pipe for retrofitting 48053000*
21 Shower system pipe for retrofitting 48054000*