Tempesta System 180 Flex shower system with diverter for wall mounting

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The New Tempesta 180 FLEX shower system with diverter will transform you bathroom to a shower-lover's haven

The New Tempesta 180 FLEX shower system with diverter adds not just distinctive, contemporary style to your bathroom but flexible showering luxury too. It is easy to install, compatible with the existing valves in your shower, making it ideal for swift upgrades. Indulge yourself with the Euphoria Cosmopolitan 180mm head shower, which has the option of switching via the diverter to the eco-friendly SmartRain Spray which reduces water consumption without compromising enjoyment. GROHE DreamSpray ensures an even flow from every nozzle. The New Tempesta 100mm hand shower delivers the soft and soothing Rain Spray for ultimate relaxation. The shower head even has a ShockProof silicone ring which prevents damage if it’s dropped, while an Inner WaterGuide keeps the shower’s surfaces cool to the touch. Easy to clean, the SpeedClean silicone nozzles  can be brushed free of limescale with just your finger, and the dazzling GROHE Starlight chrome finish is a scratch-resistant surface that will stay sparkling for years to come. 

  • Bao gồm:
  • horizontal 390 mm shower arm, adjustable before installation
  • change by diverter between hand shower, head shower or head shower Eco setting
  • head shower Euphoria Cosmopolitan 180(27 491 000)
  • 2 spray patterns (via diverter):
  • Rain, SmartRain
  • chrome plated spray face
  • Kèm theo mối nối bi
  • Góc quay ± 15° 
  • hand shower Tempesta 100 (27 852 000)
  • Tính năng phun mưa
  • Điều chỉnh được độ cao thông qua thanh trượt
  • distance between diverter and upper bracket: 620 mm
  • Relexaflex shower hose 1500 mm (28 151)
  • Relexaflex shower hose 1250 mm (28 150)
  • flexible installation: connection to faucet / wall union for water supply with 1/2" thread of the 1250 mm shower hose
  • Chế độ phun hoàn hảo GROHE DreamSpray
  • Bề mặt Chrome GROHE Long-Life
  • Hệ thống chống cặn vôi SpeedClean
  • Công nghệ Inner WaterGuide tăng tuổi thọ vòi sen
  • ShockProof silicone ring prevents damages caused by shower falling
  • Phù hợp với bình nước nóng trực tiếp từ 18 kW/giờ 
  • Lưu lượng nước tối thiểu là 7 lít/phút.

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Vị trí Mô tả sản phẩm Số đơn hàng
* Phụ kiện đặc biệt
1 Fibre seal dia. 12x2 mm 0138900M
2 Dirt strainer 48007000
3 Dirt strainer 0700200M
4 Sliding piece 12140000
5 Diverter 48338000
6 Compensation disc 26496000*