Grohtherm 1000 Thermostatic shower mixer 1/2″ with shower set

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Grohtherm 1000 – the shower thermostat with shower set for your maximum comfort

We've all been there, enjoying a shower when without warning the water runs cold because someone has turned on a tap in another part of the house. Well this convenient shower set makes those surprises a thing of the past. Thanks to the GROHE TurboStat technology, this precise Grohtherm 1000 thermostat with ergonomic metal handles for a perfect grip always delivers the desired water temperature and maintains it reliably throughout your shower. The GROHE SafeStop Plus scalding protection automatically maxes the water temperature at 38°C (and optional 43°C), unless you override it by pressing the button. GROHE CoolTouch means the thermostat body won't get too hot either. The thermostat also features the eco-friendly GROHE EcoJoy technology via the handy EcoButton – saving both: water and money. Finished inlong-lasting, easy-to-clean GROHE StarLight chrome, the set will look pristine for years to come. To make this attractive package perfect, the GROHE New Tempesta 100 hand shower comes with two spray patterns – the soothing Rain and the invigorating Jet spray – and features the GROHE DreamSpray technology which ensures a balanced flow from all nozzles. A ShockProof silicone ring protects the shower from getting damaged if dropped. Plus the Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface from getting too hot, protecting both your skin, and the lustrous chrome finish. SpeedClean anti-lime nozzles are designed to brush free of limescale with a simple wipe.

  • Bao gồm:
  • Grohtherm 1000 thermostatic shower mixer 1/2"
  • (34 143 003)
  • Tempesta shower set II, 600 mm (27 598 000)

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Vị trí Mô tả sản phẩm Số đơn hàng
* Phụ kiện đặc biệt
1 Shut-off handle 47972000
1.1 Cap 4797400M
2 Ceramic headpart, 1/2" 45346000
2.1 O-ring ø18.2 x ø1.7 0392400M
3 Temperature control handle 47973000
3.1 Cap 4797400M
4 Fitting ring 47743000
5 Thermostatic compact cartridge 1/2" 47439000
6 Race 47975000
7 Non-return valve 08565000
8 Non-return valve 47189000
8.1 Dirt Strainer 0726400M
8.2 Non-return valve 08565000
8.3 O-ring ø17 x ø2 0305500M
9 S-union 12075000
9.1 Ball seal dia. 9x6.8 mm 0138600M
9.2 Escutcheon 0221000M
10 Sliding piece 48099000
11 Outlet shower holder 48098000
12 Dirt strainer 0700200M
13 Extension 3/4", 20 mm 0713000M*
14 Special spanner 19377000*
15 Socket spanner 19332000*
16 GROHE TurboStat cartridge 1/2" 47175000*