Grohtherm 1000 Thermostat bath/shower mixer

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GROHE Grohtherm 1000 – bath thermostat with shower outlet and safety features

Make bath time even more relaxing with the GROHE Grohtherm 1000 bath thermostat with shower outlet – simply select your desired temperature, run your bath, and enjoy. Thanks to its reliable GROHE TurboStat technology you can be certain that the selected water temperature will remain consistent while you run your bath – no having to add extra hot or cold water. The GROHE AquaDimmer allows you to effortlessly divert the water from shower to bath and adjust the flow rate, all with the same ergonomic handle. Enjoy peace of mind too from GROHE SafeStop Plus, which offers two preset temperature limits of 38°C and 50°C – to protect from scalding, an ideal safety feature for homes with children or older people. Additionally GROHE CoolTouch technology means it is always cool to the touch, and the GROHE sparkling StarLight chrome finish is scratch-resistant for a durable yet dazzling surface.

  • Thiết kế treo tường
  • Vỏ an toàn GROHE CoolTouch 
  • Bề mặt Chrome GROHE Long-Life
  • Tay cầm kim loại có kiểu dáng cơ học GROHE MetalGrip
  • Nút an toàn GROHE SafeStop giới hạn nhiệt độ ở mức 38°C (cần căn chỉnh)
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus integrated temperature limiter at max 50°C
  • Lõi van chắc chắn GROHE TurboStat kèm cảm biến nhiệt
  • Tích hợp van ngắt nước kết hợp
  • GROHE AquaDimmer with multiple function:
  • - Kiểm soát lưu lượng
  • - Bộ chuyển đổi: sen bồn/sen tay
  • Cút vòi sen 1/2”
  • Đầu vòi lọc
  • without built-in non return valves
  • Bộ lọc bụi bẩn
  • Bảo vệ chống chảy ngược
  • Đầu nối dây sen
  • Nắp che kim loại